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Of No Importance   
08:55am 18/03/2005
mood: apathetic
I really have nothing to say..

I think it's sort of like one of those days where you talk just for the sake of hearing your own voice. I don't know. Nothing's really been happening.. I should probably be doing Government or English homework, if not Journalism editing, but I don't want to.. And I forgot all of my good CD's at home.

Today's going to be such a crappy day..
Of Sarah, Penguins, and Monkeys.   
09:10am 07/03/2005
mood: sore
Sarah (and the penguins) have ordered me to update this again, so I am.

Sarah's reading old emails from her ex-boyfriend. I think it's making her kind of sad. It's making me sad and I'm not even the one that was in love with him.

...Changing the subject, The Boyfriend is obsessing over some insults Sarah's friends said when they snuck on her name when she walked away from her computer. It's annoying.

Anyways, I really don't think you should apologize, Sarah. I guess you should, as it was sort of rude to yell or scold or what ever, but.. Yeah.

Moving on.

I'm really bored. And I hate these keyboards. They're annoying. The keys are like, to small or something.. Gah, I'm rambling. I think I'll be leaving now.. Hopefully this entry will be enough to satisfy Sarah, the penguins, and their new friends; the monkeys.
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Sock Stealers   
09:19am 02/03/2005
mood: blank
I had Sarah and Amanda over last weekend.. They were on a sugar buzz-- or at least I think it was sugar.. We rented the movie Saw, which is now my new favorite movie. We rented Donny Darko, too, but that wasn't nearly as good as people were saying it was. We didn't really do anything, except make prank phone calls-- or rather Sarah did, watch movies, and mess with the Ouija board. It was fun though. While they were there, I got sick. Yeah. Fun. Not. The only good thing about being sick is being able to skip school..

Yeah. That about sums this entry up. I only actually updated because Sarah told me to, and the penguins in my mind threatened to take my socks..
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09:54pm 15/02/2005
mood: bitchy
I feel like posting something. So I'm going to. Don't know why.

Yep. That about sums this entry up. I actually had something to say earlier, which I've long forgotten, but LJ wouldn't let me on.. Grr.
08:09am 11/02/2005
mood: amused
Gah. B.J. is subbing. Can I commit suicide now?

I have nothing to write, really, I just felt like updating. Yeah. Such a dork. I found out Josh made out with his actual third cousin, before-- different one, this one is related by blood.. he said he stopped going out with her when he found out. How come I find that hard to believe?


I'm going to go read Sarah's comment now..

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09:23am 07/02/2005
mood: bitchy
I stood home from school today, I'm just getting over the flu.

My ear is buzzing.


I spent four hours arguing with Josh last night. I said I wanted to stay together, for now, but I'm not sure. And no smart comments Sarah.

I'm just really confused, and Josh, with his little guilt-trip-stickers doesn't help any.


Nothing else to write, really.. except..

Update your journal, Sarah. Now.

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How Dare He   
07:01pm 06/02/2005
mood: apathetic
I found out a lot of interesting things today.

I found out Josh spent the night at his cousins last night, after going hang-gliding.

I found out he got drunk at said cousins.

I found out he got high, to.

And, most of all, I found out that he got head-- and God knows what else.

Yeah. When he said that, I just.. I thought he was joking. And I'm still not sure if he isn't, but he says he's being serious. And, then, to top it off, he had the nerve to ask if I was angry.

My goodness, how stupid could someone be?

Want to know the funny part? If, the American Government just so happened to legalize the marriage of homosexuals, the girl that gave him head would be his.. third.. cousin, I believe.


Don't really have anything else to say..


He's just incredibly lucky I'm so drugged up right now.
08:06pm 05/02/2005
mood: annoyed
Eye twitch.

I'm sick. And I'm tired. And I'm sick. And Josh is an idiot.


He wants me to become Christian.

Eye twitch.

Yeah. I'm obviously not Christian, if that's what he wants me to become. He knows all about my beliefs and about all of my problems with the beliefs of Christianity, and yet he still had the nerve to ask me to become Christian.

I guess his reasons behind it were sort of sweet-- the whole, if we died he would want us to go to the same place-- but you'd think after six months he'd get that death is my only escape. Ha. Not really. But yeah.

And yeah. And then I asked him about his beliefs, and he more or less lied to me in the beginning. Because in the beginning, he, more or less said he believed most of what I did. And now he's a devil worshiping Christian.

Don't get me wrong-- I have nothing against Christians as a group of people, I just have doubts of their beliefs. More or less, I'm just bothered that he lied.

..Yeah. My dad is drunk. Again. Grr. I'm leaving now.


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Another Day   
12:04am 30/01/2005
mood: apathetic
The room is going in and out of focus. I think that's what happens when you go on four hours of sleep for nearly thirty five hours. Or maybe it's the coffee, marshmellows, and eyedrops..

..You probably don't want to ask about the last one.

I miss Savannah. I haven't talked to her for awhile. I mis--

Our dog is having a seizure. He's making weird noises. Sounds kind of like he's hyperventilating. I should probably wake him or something.

Oh well.

I think I'm going to go watch Rosanne now. That show rocks my socks.
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