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How Dare He

I found out a lot of interesting things today.

I found out Josh spent the night at his cousins last night, after going hang-gliding.

I found out he got drunk at said cousins.

I found out he got high, to.

And, most of all, I found out that he got head-- and God knows what else.

Yeah. When he said that, I just.. I thought he was joking. And I'm still not sure if he isn't, but he says he's being serious. And, then, to top it off, he had the nerve to ask if I was angry.

My goodness, how stupid could someone be?

Want to know the funny part? If, the American Government just so happened to legalize the marriage of homosexuals, the girl that gave him head would be his.. third.. cousin, I believe.


Don't really have anything else to say..


He's just incredibly lucky I'm so drugged up right now.
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